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Kedzie Garage

358 S. Kedzie Ave.

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Assigned Buses

Assigned Routes & Run Numbers

Assignments and run numbers are updated as information becomes available. Contact us to report corrections.

# Route Shared By Full-time Runs Block Runs Part-time Runs
7 Harrison K701-K730 K731-K740 K741-K750
10 Museum of Science and Industry Express K051-K070 K071-K080 K081-K100
12 Roosevelt 5 K201-K230 K231-K240 K241-K260
18 16th/18th K161-K180 K181-K190 K191-K200
19 United Center Express K261-K270
21 Cermak K900-K930 K931-K940 K941-K960
35 31st/35th K301-K320 K321-K330 K331-K340
39 Pershing K351-K370 K371-K380 K381-K400
52 Kedzie
60 Blue Island/26th K601-K640 K641-K650 K651-K670
62 Archer 6 K201-K230 K231-K240 K241-K260
66 Chicago 5 K601-K640 K641-K650 K651-K670
82 Kimball/Homan P K801-K840 K841-K850 K851-K870
120 Ogilvie/Streeterville Express 7 5 K001-K010 K011-K020 K021-K050
121 Union/Streeterville Express 7 5 K001-K010 K011-K020 K021-K050
124 Navy Pier K001-K010 K011-K020 K021-K050
125 Water Tower Express 7 5 K001-K010 K011-K020 K021-K050
126 Jackson K101-K130 K131-K140 K141-K160
130 Museum Campus K051-K070 K071-K080 K081-K100
134 Stockton/LaSalle Express K451-K470 K471-K490 K491-K520
143 Stockton/Michigan Express K401-K420 K421-K430 K431-K450
151 Sheridan P K401-K420 K421-K430 K431-K450
156 LaSalle K451-K470 K471-K490 K491-K520