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Nova Bus LFS


CTA Service Information

Status Retired
Quantity 484
Numbers 6400-6883
Delivery 2000

Bus Specifications

Manufacture Nova Bus
Model LFS
Propulsion Diesel
Engine Cummins ISC
Transmission ZF 5HP552C
Length 40'
Width 102"
Seat Model AMSECO Model

Freedman CitiPro


# of Seats 37
Dest. Signs Flip-Dot

6400-6440, 6442-6444, 6446-6514, 6516-6708


6441, 6445, 6515, 6709-6883

Interior Customer Information Displays Single-Line LED
Amenities Air Conditioning
ADA Accessible


Service History

In July 1998, the Chicago Transit Board awarded a contract for the purchase of up to 483 model LFS buses from Nova Bus. The order was CTA’s first large scale order of low floor buses. A prototype bus was delivered in January 2000. The first 6400-series bus was put in service on December 5, 2000.

In addition to low floors, the 6400-series introduced a new interior design scheme for CTA buses. Doing away with the faux wood paneling of the past, the buses feature dual-tone white and gray walls with blue floors.

The first half of the 6400-series order included LED-backlit flip-dot destination signs. Unlike previous flip-dots signs where were lit using a fluorescent bulb, backlit flip-dots are lit through the use of LEDs behind each mechanical dot. Starting with bus #6709, the CTA opted for newer amber LED destination signs which provide maximum reliability and visibility.

As of Fall of 2022, 481 of 483 buses have been retired while the remaining 2 are currently still in service as work buses.